Circus Circus Reno

100% love it
Family friendly hotel
Circus Circus offers great deals on their spacious rooms. It also offers free shuttle back and forth to the airport.


    • MoFo63
      MoFo63 Over a year ago

      Dated, Showing its age but still cool
      This place is definitely dated, showing its age, but as far as deals go AND a fun place for kids it works. You won't get the best food here but fortunately you can easily walk to other resorts without going outside. And the midway is still a blast, although the hourly circus acts aren't as much fun as they once were.

    • coopscadoop
      coopscadoop Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Biggest little dive in the world
      Just like the city motto, this place is a huge scale little dive, in the best way possible. Lots of entertainment, cheap, and super close to the gay bar and all the downtown action. If you want a true Reno experience, this hotel also connects to two of the city's biggest casinos and has a great buffet!

    • hounie2000
      hounie2000 Over a year ago

      A bit run-down
      I used to love coming here when I was a kid, but this place is a little run-down now. Still fun though.